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Support our Armed Forces

Quilt Magic is Supporting Our Armed Forces

 There are several families who have loved ones who have served in the armed forces previous or may have a loved one who is serving in the World's finest armed forces right now. I have always had a respect for those who dedicate their time to serve in the forces. I realize that they sacrifice so much of their selves so that we may continue to have the freedoms that we fought for some 200+ years ago. 

One of my personal all time favorite things to learn about in history are the events of heroism that were displayed throughout World War II where so many young men gave themselves for a higher call. The US Navy Seals are my favorite out of all of the different branches of military. I think those guys are incredible and the work they go through is just crazy. 

At Quilt-Magic, Inc and Tuck-N-Go Crafts we love to give back to those families who have loved ones who have served in the military at any point of their lives. Quilt Magic has produced four new kits to show their support of the armed forces. The four new kits are the #981 Marines Board, #982 Navy, #983 Air Force, and the #984 Army

Each one of these Quilt Magic boards have the branch emblem on a printed piece of fabric that you just peel off and tuck into the pre-cut grooves. Quilt Magic kits are fairly simple and easy to change if you want different colors on the board for your own designing abilities. 

If you have a loved one or friend who served in the past or is serving now, then these Quilt Magic Kits are great to display in your home for all your friends and family to see. 

Thank you to all those who serve to protect and keep our country safe. 

I appreciate it, and this is our way of giving a little back to those families.