About Us


Our family started with its first store called The Quilt Shop over ten years ago. We have expanded with our best seller Quilt-Magic and have launched this online as Tuck-N-Go Crafts. Our family has since sold the Essenhaus Quilt Shop, but you can continue to view their web page here: www.EssenhausQuiltShop.com

We take pride in giving you the best customer service as we endeavor to ensure you have a quality experience with a fun product. We also pride ourselves in our quick delivery. From the time you click purchase, we do our best to get you your products at your front door in 5-7 business days.



Quilt-Magic is a fun and easy craft for people of all ages. It is a perfect activity for kids or creating no-sew wall hangings to decorate your home with. It is just like a paint-by-number project and it requires no sewing, and no glue. If you enjoy "Do It Yourself" crafts then you need to give Quilt Magic a try! There are over 200+ designs to choose from, click here to shop now

Quilt-Magic makes great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, 4-H projects, activities for kids, senior home activities, or just an activity for a rainy day. 



We pride ourselves on making everything as easy as 1...2...3, and it all starts here with our online store called Tuck-N-Go Crafts. We exist to bring you the largest variety of Quilt-Magic designs at competitive prices, Tuck-N Tip/Trick videos, and the best online experience from your purchase to after you receive your products at home.

We want everyone to experience the fun of "Tuck-N" their own Quilt-Magic design. So whether this is your first time or are coming back for more, visit our online store to buy a kit today.