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Reward Points

Reward Points

Find out how you can earn, save, and spend reward points at Tuck-N-Go Crafts.



How do I earn points?

Points are earned through several methods. You can earn points by registering for an account, signing up for the newsletter, giving product reviews, inviting friends to make purchases, having a birthday, and making a transaction on our website.

How much is each item worth?
Newsletter: 100 Points


Creating Customer Account: 100 Points


Tagging a Product: 15 Points


Participating in Poll: 20 Points


Customer Birthday: 300 Points


Review a Product: 75 Points


Invite a Friend who makes a Purchase: 100 Points


When Friend makes a purchase: 100 Points each Purchase


Purchase $100 or more: 100 Points


How do I spend my points?
Points can be spent at checkout and used like cash. When checking out a total value of points will show you what you will earn on your purchase and then what you have available to spend. Points can not be spent on the same order that you earned them.
How do I check my points balance?
When you log on to your Tuck-N-Go Crafts account, on the left side you will have a tab called "Reward Points" you can check to see your current points summary here and your previous history of when you spent them
How long do my points last before they expire?
We want you to earn your points and have a chance to use them before they expire. We are giving 90 days to use your points, before they expire. Once they expire, you will not be able to redeem your points
How many points can I spend?
You can spend as many points as you have available. Whether just 1 point or 1,000 points, you can spend what you have. No minimum or maximum
Can I earn more points per transactions?
There are different ways to earn points. The free version is what is listed, it costs you nothing and you can earn points for the simple transactions and interactions. If you want to earn more points for the same things, then we have a loyalty program for those that want to earn more. There is a fee to these loyalty members, but there are also additional advantages and perks to being a Tuck-N-Go Crafts loyalty member.