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Welcome to Tuck-N-Go Crafts, The Largest Online Retailer of Quilt Magic Kits!

Facts and Questions

What does each kit include?
  1. Laser cut foam board
  2. Full color photo for color reference
  3. All numbered pattern pieces
  4. photo instructions that are easy to follow
  5. the "tuck-by-number" chart 
  6. *PLEASE NOTE: Fabric packs need to be bought seperately from boards
Is there any sewing involved?
Nope. None at all. No need for glue either
Do I have to buy any special tools for Quilt-Magic kits?
We reccomend using the Tucking tool as this will allow you to tuck your fabric into the grooves without making them wider, keeping your fabric nice and snug inside.
Is this a project suitable for children?
Absolutely they are great activites for kids to do or to present to kids. Supervision should be used with scissors, but the tucking tool has a dull blade so these kits are safe for children and are great 4-H projects!
Is fabric included in Quilt-Magic kits?
No, Boards and Fabric Packs are sold separately allowing you to use your spare fabrics at home.
Do you have discounts for large orders like Senior Homes, etc?
We sure do, to find out more information send us an email and Mark or Rosilynn will be in contact with you.
How do you ship and how much does it cost?
We ship all of our orders via USPS to all 50 states. Shipping is $9.00 for any order, any size, on any day. it usually takes 3-5 business days, (occasionally it will take longer but it is unusual) from the time you click purchase to having your products on your door step.
What type of payment method do you use? 
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express Credit Cards
What about privacy?
Our policy is simple. We will not share your personal information or shipping address with anyone.
What about returns?
You may return an item from Tuck-N-Go Crafts within 10 business days for a refund. The item needs to be in the same condition as when it left Tuck-N-Go Crafts. Click here for the return process